Jacques R. Essinger, PhD


Dr Jacques R. Essinger - Venture Partner

Jacques R. Essinger, venture partner of Aravis, has over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and also in the management of life science companies. Before joining Aravis, Jacques Essinger was the founding CEO of Symbios Orthopedy, a Swiss orthopedic company. He later joined Modex Therapeutics shortly after its inception and turned it around through one IPO and two M&A transactions to become Isotis Orthobiology, a public company focussing on bone substitution.

Jacques Essinger has advised Aravis on business and execution strategies. He is currently Executive Chairman of Symetis, Chairman of Vexim and Director of Dyconnex, Genedata and Diagnoplex.

Jacques Essinger holds an MS degree in Physics and a PhD degree in Biomechanics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. His PhD thesis was focused on knee joint simulation and prosthesis design.