With over 100 years of investment experience across various industries, the Aravis team has established itself as a recognized actor in the Swiss and European Private Equity markets…

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Our newest fund, Aravis Growth I, answers the large demand for growth capital in Switzerland and Europe. For entrepreneurs, we help to accelerate expansion by providing funding as well as active support. For investors, we provide exposure to the best growth opportunities in this space.
Why do we need Aravis Growth?
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Switzerland is innovation leader

Largest amount of scientific publications per inhabitant compared to other countries

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but no country for innovators

Weak activity compared to countries with similar sizes and economies

The causes are simple
1. No public money for the private sector
2. Significant lack of Venture Capital
3. Large support programs for entrepreneurs a new phenomenon in the country
without Aravis Growth
with Aravis Growth
Aravis Growth will close the gap in the growth stage
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of «take-off»
Venture Capital
of «Growth»
Early - Later Stage VC
Expansion / Growth
How does it work?
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Aravis Growth
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invest &
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High-tech companies in the growth phase are hungry for cash, while investors search opportunities to invest directly in the most promising businesses.
Investors typically keep reserves for future cash needs of companies, contributing to a measurable reduction of financing risk.
Aravis Growth (Identify, invest & support)
Aravis Growth I GP AG manages the fund that pools investors' capital and invests in high-tech growth companies. Our role is:

1. Search and select the most promising companies
2. Lead a consortium of investors
3. Provide strategic advice and access to our network
4. Once the company goes public or is sold, we return the capital to investors.
Investors (Invest)
Investors provide capital to invest in selected companies. They are pension funds, corporations, family offices and sovereign wealth funds.
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What does it change?
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Portfolio level
Macroeconomic level
  1. Balancing of fluctuations in the economic cycle and across industries, low currency risk
  2. Deal identification, due diligence and investment in collaboration with local VCs
  3. Growth investment syndication for the most successful emerging companies through the capital intensive expansion phase
  4. More capital deployed, more visibility on the potential, shorter cash on cash cycle
  5. Integration of ESG aspects throughout the entire investment cycle while advocating the UN SDGs
  1. Translates Swiss R&D and available know-how into entrepreneurial growth
  2. Channels capital to sectors where it is most needed
  3. Accelerates international deployment of the best Swiss innovations and retains the brighter talents
  4. Addresses many of the political discussions around innovation, high-tech companies and digital investments
  5. We will continue to actively interact at the political level
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The concept of Aravis Growth
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Growth-focused investment strategy
Specialised in 3 primary sectors.
Active management strategy. Actively accelerate the best companies in the growth phase. Deliver faster and higher quality returns.
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Creative & Digital
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Industrial Hightech
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Special Situations
Firms developing novel treatments for different diseases, working in partnership with pioneering academics and major biopharmaceutical companies
Topics: oncology, autoimmune diseases, personalized treatments, digital healthcare
Firms bringing new digital technologies from creative niches to the mass market, or creating new and disruptive marketplaces
Topics: blockchain, machine learning (AI), internet of things, virtual & augmented reality, face recognition, gaming
Firms developing cutting-edge products and solutions for industrial clients
Topics: advanced sensors, composite materials, agricultural disruption, smart distribution systems
Firms outside of the tech area offering significant growth potential, sometimes combined with digital input
Topics: consolidation of industries, verticalisation of business models, buy and build
Product overview
Focused on Growth, with a blend of direct and co-investments
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Target fund size
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0% Growth
0% Venture
Allocation by phase
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0% Switzerland
0% Europe
Focus Switzerland
Advantages ofAravis Growth
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For investors
For the economy
  1. Focused and dedicated team with longstanding and broad experience in PE/VC and industry
  2. Cost-effective fund structure reflecting the advantages of direct and co-investments
  3. Expected average holding period of 6-7 years, contractual duration max. 12 years
  4. FINMA-regulated Limited Partnership for collective investment
  5. Transparent organisation and simple reporting structure
  1. Invests directly in the best Swiss innovations and supports their international expansion
  2. Channels capital to sectors where it is needed: accelerates the development of the most innovative and successful Swiss high-tech growth companies and secures high value-adding jobs
Who is behindAravis Growth?
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